During Reading Strategy: Modeling with Think Alouds


During Reading Activity:  Modeling with Think Alouds


Struggling students need to be explicitly taught comprehension strategies and the use of metacognitive competencies. Modeling, one step of explicit instruction, along with the use of think-alouds is a fundamental and effective method for teaching these skills.  Modeling is demonstrating the use of a strategy by thinking aloud and gradually involving students in the demonstration (Schumaker, 1989).


Modeling the use of think-alouds while reading makes “visible what is invisible.”  Students who struggle with reading often do not understand the thinking processes involved with reading and must be explicitly taught. Modeling through think-alouds allows students to create a picture of what they are to be doing while reading to anchor their learning.


Through a combination of direction provided by Standards-Based IEPs and Virginia English SOLs, and explicit comprehension strategy instruction and use of metacognitive competencies, students who struggle will be moved closer to accomplishing on-time graduation with a standard or advanced diploma.  Graduation is critical to their future success.


Think-Aloud Resources




Teaching sequence for use of think-alouds to guide students:


• http://www.tantasqua.org/superintendent/profdevelopment/etthinkalouds.html

• Reading Rockets article:  http://www.readingrockets.org/article/102

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• Teachervision article:  http://www.teachervision.fen.com/skill-builder/problem-solving/48546.html

Teacher Tube: Teacher modeling for her students how to use a think aloud:               





Students are encouraged to verbalize their own thoughts while reading to ensure comprehension of text: 





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