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After Reading Activity:  Save the Last Word For Me

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After Reading Activity:  Save the Last Word for Me


 For this activity (Gallagher, 2004, p. 115), the class is divided into smaller groups.  Each student in the group selects a passage from the class or group reading that is thought-provoking and records it on chart paper or in large print on a sheet of paper.  To begin the sharing of each student's selection, one group member shares his or her selection without speaking.  The group members respond to the selection, including their thoughts as to why it was selected, how it is important, and so on.  After all group members have shared their thoughts, the “silent” student shares his or her thoughts about the selection, its importance from his or her perspective, and responds to the other group members' comments.  In other words, the silent student has "the last word."  The process then repeats with another group member.




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Save the Last Word for Me  englishm_rst56.doc



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