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During Reading Activity:  Collaborative Strategic Reading

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During Reading Activity:  Collaborative Strategic Reading




Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) is a reading comprehension instructional practice that involves elements from modified reciprocal teaching and cooperative learning (Bremer, Vaughn, Clapper, & Kim, 2002).  CSR uses a family of strategies that are pivotal to its implementation:  previewing, click and clunk, get the gist, and wrap-up strategy. 


The Previewing Strategy generates interest, stimulates background knowledge, allows for predictions, and encourages active reading.  This is implemented as a before reading strategy.


The Click and Clunk Strategy, used during reading, provides an opportunity for students to use their metacognitive skills to monitor comprehension and to figure out the meanings of unknown words.


The Get the Gist Strategy encourages students to stop, look for who or what is most important in the section just read, and then rephrase or restate the main idea from that section.


The Wrap Up Strategy, used after reading, includes two steps – generating and answering questions from the passage and reviewing what was learned.


(Klinger, Vaughn, Dimino, Schumm, & Bryant, 2001)



The teacher arranges mixed-ability groups and the students assume roles within the group:  leader, announcer, timekeeper, encourager, scorekeeper, clunk expert, and gist expert.


• Texas Teacher Reading Academies, The University of Texas at Austin, offer an interactive video demonstrating the implementation of CSR within the classroom:



 • The Iris Center with Vanderbilt University offers a module as well: CSR: A Reading Comprehension Strategy: http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/csr/chalcycle.htm.  The module outlines the challenges of struggling readers and provides professional development in instructional strategies through CSR that assist these readers.


The students use role cards to define and guide their participation in the CSR groups.  Students complete a learning log to record their discoveries from the reading.  These materials can be downloaded and printed from the links below:






• Adlit.org provides information about CSR:  Collaborative Strategic Reading Learning Logs http://www.adlit.org/strategies/22355 .

• TTAC Online offers a vocabulary strategy modeled on CSR, ESS Reading Strategy Click and Clunk.pdf.




Bremer, C. D., Vaughn, S., Clapper, A. T., & Kim, E-H (2002, June). Collaborative strategic reading (CSR):  Improving secondary students’ reading comprehension skills.                      Research to Practice Brief. Retrieved March 15, 2011, from http://www.ncset.org/publications/viewdesc.asp?id=424


          Klinger, J. K., Vaughn, S., Dimino, J., Schumm, J. S., & Bryant, D. (2001). Collaborative strategic reading:  Strategies for improving comprehension.  Boston, MA: Cambium



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